Expressing Me!

Greetings All,  Have a new way to express myself with  the help of my friend Paul by setting up a Blog page on the website,  We’re all here to express ourselves and we all do it in different forms, for me this is where I get to get out all the bottled up feelings going on with me and this world we’re in .

I’m in Florida getting myself healthy, teaching classes , offering healings and of course working in the Crystal Kingdom,  Before I head back to Hot Springs I’m  planning on setting up a  Special Crystal Grid in the Everglades with a chosen few who are guided to be apart of it,  The Focus is creating a Intention  to connect with the Earth Grid around the planet to ground in more Light here in South Florida,   check out the Classes in Naples and Fort Lauderdale, in January , 2013 where I will be offering ways to set up Crystal Grids for personal use , home , land & property for what you want to create thru your intention and your personal power,   lots of stones, crystals  & energy , come join to see what is possible with the Divine thru the Crystal Kingdom.   Peace, Mika

By academyforhealingarts

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