Greetings Everyone,   So we all made it through our  2012 ascension and most came out the other side unscathed ,   or so we think, 

  These Times and Energy’s are not about dates. The Universe does not follow our time , only their own timeframes, which align with the planets and stars.       So  what do we do now?     

   It is a time to allow ,  allow youself to become a observer of what is going on around you ,  ( because alot will be going on around you )    You do not have to feel like you need to be apart, of all these changes as Mother Earth  goes through her Ascension process.   

   We must conform to speeding up our own vibration to meet with the New Earth vibration as she moves into her 5th dimesional role now.       Stay as grounded as you can into the Earth plane,  do whatever it take to firmly plant your feet not only on the ground , but also way deep into her Diamond core.     As the saying goes ”  We can only take in as much light as we ground in,”         So ground in! .      

   As you are working through your processes,   allow yourself to be in more service to others , including all of the Kingdoms,  Animal, Plant & Mineral Kingdoms as well,   ( this will help you greatly in your process)         Learn instaneous Forgiveness.   ( learn to Forgive as quickly as possible,        ( it will help you move much quicker in your process)       

   Start to Think more with your Heart and Feel with your Mind ,  ( bridgeing the Mind/Heart together as one.  )  

      And Love,   make it  your Desire to Learn as much about and around Love as possible,  afterall that is why we are here.     Oh and try to have FUN along the way,    (more to come)    With Love Mika 

By academyforhealingarts